Want random people on internet buy your products?

If so, you need an email list. We just do that for you. Organically.
And, with a goal-linked pricing backed by a money-back-gaurantee.

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Designed for

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- Makers
- Solopreneurs
- Consultants
- Coaches
- Course creators
- Productised Services Providers
- Bloggers

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- Agencies
- Early Startups
- SMEs
- NGOs

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- Freelancers
- Marketing Consultants
- Sales Team
- In-Bound Marketing Team

About Listbuildify

A well-oiled lead generation strategy is a balanced combination of various tactics. Listbuildify uses a combination of lead magnet (at times more than one) and partnership tacticts to generate leads organacically.

An end to end solution from Listbuildify takes the burden off this hard and important task from you, and gets you leads that are likely to buy from you.


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Money Back Garantee

You get your money back in proportion to the gap in minimum number of leads signing up in a specified time.

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Goals Based Costs

You choose your goals and time frame for the engagement.

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Variety of Tactics

One or more lead magnets and as many partnerships as required are persued to meet the set goals.

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Done For You

Almost all of the exeuction is entirely on us, your involveemnt, if any, will be more for strategic reasons.

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Total Solution

This is not a piece meal solution, you have the end results delievered from stage zero.

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Tools & Resources

Access & usage of tools & resources will be the part of the engagement.

Why build an email list?

It does not matter what kind of business you run, what kind of website you have, or what industry you are in. If you have a business, and you want to look for a sustaining growth, then you need to get into email list building.

In business promotion campaigns, email marketing gets a much higher conversions and the possible reasons could be that emails are personal, they are targeted specifically and they are one-on-one.


Nothing gets engagement like email. Twitter, Facebook, etc. is almost irrelevant by comparison. If someone has given you their email address they are ready to engage with your content or products.

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Sustainable sales engine

Your social media campaigns and SEO efforts can go to waste when these platforms change their algorythms frequently. On the other hand, you own your email list, and it is not influenced by decisions of other businesses.

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High ROI

Email marketing often leads to higher conversion rates than other online marketing tactics. It’s inexpensive compared to direct mail and print media. SEO takes long time to really get going, and social media requires daily upkeep if you want to stay relevant. On the other hand, email marketing only requires a small investment of time and resources.

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How does this work?

Step: 1
Setup a 15 mims call to discuss your list building goal & business.
Step: 2
After an initial assement, a time period required to reach your list building goals is discussed and frozen.
Step: 3
Execution plan to each goals is discussed before starting on outreach etc.
Step: 4
On commencement of execution, you have an access to new sign ups in order to get started on nurturing them.
Step: 5
The engagement stops at the end of the agreed time period, or when the target goals are reached, which ever is earlier.

Fix your goals and pay accordingly.

All pricing plans come with a money-back gaurantee.

7 Days Plan
What’s included
  • One project
  • Brainstorm lead generation options
  • Brainstorms target audience
  • Brainstorm channels
  • 3 Actionable lead generation ideas
  • Solution to 1 lead generation problem
Goals Linked Plan
What’s included
  • One project
  • Multiple lead generation options
  • Complete execution
  • Content creation
  • Outreach to prospects
  • Inbound and outbound marketing
  • Tools for lead magnet/s creation
  • Hosting of landing page/s
Customised Plan
What’s included
  • Customised #projects
  • Customised #days
  • Customised scope of engagement
  • Customised engagement model

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